Beach glass is slightly different than sea glass, but not by much. Our beach glass comes from the fresh water shores of Lake Erie, Ohio.

Lake Erie is the most shallow of the Great Lakes and has the highest ph level of water as well. Why is this important?

The rolling and often times treacherous waves combined with the high ph level of the water gives the glass just the right amount of natural tumbling to produce these beautiful and historic gems. Lake Erie washes ashore some of the most interesting pieces of glass and pottery in the world. Erie can stake claim to thousands of ships that have been lost to the bottom of the lake dating back to the early 1800’s. We often wonder, is that pottery piece from a civil war ship, glass from a sunken ship’s lantern, medicine bottles from an apothecary, Depression glass that was a give away at a movie theater or grocery store, or a mason jar that was once used in someone’s kitchen for canning. Each piece that we use in our design is exactly the way it was given up by Lake Erie.